About Us

Stay locked in to win prizes, trips, tickets, and cash. The Pot Radio is your ultimate entertainment global radio station that has lots of programs, music, and entertainment that will get you hooked. Shows like Get Into It!! which is presented by the amazing Jaycole and Cooder, this is a hip urban radio talk show that mostly features celebrity gossip. The presenters Jaycole and Cooder are amazingly well versed in the latest celebrity gossip and will definitely give you the best of the best.

DC Invasion featuring David Banna and "32" is another hit program that has urban hood topics which basically includes issues affecting the young people such as drugs, guns, women and poverty. All this goes with a recipe of hot go-go music. Wildside on the other hand is a highly unpredictable urban show that features Goofys, Dee Breezy, and Snupe. It has all the urban stuff that one may want to have an ear for. For those who love to get the tricks and game plans of dating, then definitely listening to No Chill would be very useful. This program is usually accompanied with music from brand new artists and it’s represented by Mckenton and Premo.

If you love urban comedy and musical topics, then GFGD (good food good drinks) is the place to be... this is an interesting program that features Chef and Sharvonte. Pot Radio makes sure that you are fully entertained and remain so…Another talk show comedy added to this list is the HappyJewTalian with The HappyJewTalian and Jay Hayden. Need to find out about any health issues from your skin-dermatology to internal medicine issues? Then Dr. Liza would definitely be on standby to respond to any query that you may have.